We asked participants of the

UK Somatic Sex Education Training

“What would you say to anyone considering the training?”

"I would say that it is the most comprehensive and well thought-out program I have attended and would advise that it is the 'one' to do should they wish to develop more skills in this field of work. Material grounded, training solid."

"The inclusivity is one of the major attractions of for me and I felt the trainers & everyone connected with it really walks the talk."

"Do it! Perhaps the single most valuable training experience I've had. Anyone doing hands-on work with clients in the realm of tantra, sacred/conscious sexuality needs this training. This is exactly what I've said to several people who have asked me what I thought."

"Be ready for an amazing experience, but think 'professional'. Prepare well, dive deep into the experience and work hard and you'll gain more than you thought possible."

"This is a deeply empowering opportunity to integrate and learn constructive, empowering practice working with sexuality. It's a certified training with an international network for support and continuing professional development. I feel equipped with an empowering and essential tool kit for my practice."

"I would recommend it as a great training for their own self development and for expanding their professional practice. I would warn them about the pace and commitment."

"'Do it!' Even if it is purely for personal development. You have no idea what doors it can unlock and open. Expect the unexpected and it will surprise you."

"It's serious, practical and incredible. And heart-opening. It's very well organised and you start at your own level of knowledge and that's completely valued and supported."

"The single most empowering and integrative experience I've had both for my professional and personal practice."

"If you are new to this work as I was, you will gain in abundance. This has been one of the most positive, life-affirming and exciting experiences on any sexual journey I have ever taken. By the end, you really know yourself, you really know your passion and you really know that this choice 'is right'."

"Once you've done some personal work around somatics and sexuality (tantra etc.) if you want to work professionally, in this area, this training is fantastic, equipping you with education, ideas, resources and support."

"I can't emphasise enough the planning/ pre-prep & power of practice prior to the intensive."

"Do it! If you want to know how to teach classes in sexuality and how to work somatically with clients it is a brilliant learning."

"This is a fantastic piece of CPD for the sexuality professional, life coach or bodyworker, pulling together the strands of embodied sexuality, empowerment and self-directed practice for a truly self-created life."